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  Switch Home Insurance And Save  

How To Save Hundreds On Home Insurance

It's often possible to cut the cost of your homeowner's or renter's insurance by 25% or more and save hundreds of dollars every year.
1. Home security upgrades. Save up to 15-20%.  Get dead-bolt locks and a burglar alarm (preferably one that's monitored 24/7).
2. Fire-fighting upgrades. Save up to 10%.  Fire alarms and extinguishers are worthwhile. A sprinkler system is an excellent (but costly) upgrade.
3. Raise your deductible. Save 15-25%.  Raising your deductible can save big money, especially if it's currently lower than $200.
4. Drop unneeded coverage. Save up to 20%.  Eliminate any "riders" or "floater" clauses that cover unlikely losses. Insurance should cover no more than the rebuilding cost -- don't include the value of the land.
5. Shop around. Save up to 20%.  Home insurance prices from different companies can vary widely, so shop around for a lower rate at sites such as, and
6. Loyalty discounts. Save up to 20%.  Most companies offer a longevity discount for people who stick with them. Often it's a 5% discount for staying 3-5 years, and a 10% discount after six years.  Retirees often get an additional 10% discount.
7. Avoid risk. Avoid anything that increases the risk perceived by your insurer (for example a low credit score, or keeping a dangerous pit bull, or having an accident-prone swimming pool.)
8. Claims-free discount. Save 10-15%.  If you avoid burglaries and don't make an insurance claim for three to five years you may get this discount.
9. Block watches. Save 5-10%.  If you organize a block watch, insurance rates and the crime rate will both go down in your neighborhood.
10. Live in a safe home. Save up to 20%.  Newer homes have fewer problems.  In windstorm-prone areas, consider brick homes; in earthquake zones, wood frames stand up better. Avoid flood-prone and high-crime areas.

Call your insurer and consult with them. Tell them about your home improvement plans, make sure you're adequately covered, and be sure to ask what other discounts they offer.

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