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 7. Right-Size Your Insurance 

Don't Overpay.  Rates can vary dramatically:  One study showed that the cost of auto insurance for a motorist with a good driving record can range from $217 to $804.  The editors of Consumer Reports recommend that consumers do a yearly rate check of their auto insurance.  It takes only five minutes, and the average consumer can save $1,000 to $2,000 over a five-year period.

Don't Skimp.  Attending to your insurance needs is a chore, but going bankrupt from skimping on it is even worse.  Unexpected disasters can and do strike; being uninsured can make them unmanageable.

Right-Size Your Insurance Now

Don't Overpay.  Smart shoppers can often cut their costs in half.  Here's how to save:

  1. Insuring multiple cars with the same company will save up to 30%.
  2. Dropping collision coverage will save 15-30% (at least raise your deductible.)
  3. Dropping comprehensive coverage will save up to 15%:  A visible anti-theft device is good enough protection.
  4. Comparing rates can really save a bundle.  Ever since InsWeb merged with Quicken Insurance, it's become the best one-stop place to compare rates from many companies.  The whole process takes about fifteen minutes.

Don't Skimp.  This subject is too deep to cover here, so we suggest you get the free Special Report The World's Best Consumer Tips (see the signup box to your right.)  We'll go over the worst insurance traps and show you how to right-size your insurance.  You'll also receive tips on how to save money when insuring your life, home and health.

- Or -

Your Best Conservation Bets
Is Your Insurance Company Loyal To You?

A study by the Consumer Federation of America and other consumer groups concluded that the insurance industry is piling up the highest profits in 50 years, while coverage has been cut back in many cases.  The only way to know is to check.


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