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  How To Get Better Gas Mileage  

The table below shows your fuel cost savings over a five-year period, assuming an average gas price of $2.50 per gallon, and that the average gas expense is $1,000 per year (of course, many people pay a whole lot more.)  Which of these tips can save money for you?

Getting Better Gas Mileage
1. Keep your tires inflated. Save up to $500.  Keep your tires inflated:  every pound of under-inflation, reduces mileage by 1% or more.  This also keeps you safe from tire blowouts.  A label is present in every car (often on the door's edge), stating the correct tire pressure.  If you're forgetful, tie a ribbon onto your fuel cap as a reminder.  Jiffy Lube gives free air refills and oil top-offs to their customers.
2. Maintain your car well. Save $100 to $1,000.  Change the oil and get tune-ups as recommended by the manufacturer, replace worn tires, and replace dirty spark plugs and air filters.  This will improve mileage by at least a few percent, and in some cases as much as 20%.
3. Take it easy on the gas pedal. Save up to $500.  Accelerate slowly whenever possible.  "Coast" to your stops by taking your foot off the gas pedal well beforehand.  Take routes that have the fewest stops, so you won't often have to go from zero to full speed.  Stay far behind the car in front of you, so if it slows down you won't have to hit the brakes and accelerate again.  These tips can improve mileage up to 10%.
4. Lighten your load. Save $50 per 30 pounds removed.  Each thirty pounds of excess weight you take out of your car improves mileage by about 1%.

Caution:  Before buying "fuel-saving" devices or additives, check government tests (which have never found them to work very well).

Isn't it amazing how even the weakest tip ("Lighten your load") is so worthwhile? , imagine bringing twelve pounds of stuff out of your car that doesn't need to be there: It would take only two minutes, and it would be virtually the same as picking up a twenty-dollar bill!

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