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Other Free Consumer Newsletters
You may also wish to try one or two other newsletters, then add or drop some depending on how much they're helping you. The ones listed below are the most consumer-friendly letters we know of, with the broadest coverage of important consumer topics.

We judged the quality of these newsletters by actually subscribing to them.  The criteria was simple:  they were rated by the number of articles they contained that we judged to be of high usefulness to consumers.  A health newsletter from WebMD is also suggested, because "health is the greatest wealth" as the saying goes.
1. BankRate.
Bankrate's newsletter gives you many good tips covering a broad range of financial subjects.  Their greatest expertise is in banking, mortgage rates and credit cards.  But their newsletters go far beyond those subjects and they really do a first-rate job.  They cover thrift and conservation in greater depth than the other sites, but don't expect them to say much about investing.
2. CBS Market Watch.
Their excellent Personal Finance newsletter covers a broad range of subjects important to consumers.  They have expertise in real estate and investing, carrying articles from both the Wall Street Journal and the Real Estate Journal.
2. (tie) Kiplinger Personal Finance. has probably the best weekly newsletter, for those who don't want to spend much time reading.  Their specialties include tax advice, investing, economic forecasting, retirement and agricultural news.  They also publish the highly regarded "Kiplinger Letters" that you can get by mail.
WebMD has a daily newsletter covering the latest medical news and dispensing good advice for healthy living.  Other newsletters cover cooking, beauty, sleeping well, dieting and their "Living Better" letter.  There are also over twenty specialized newsletters that focus on various medical conditions.
Other sites.
Some other newsletters we've found to be quite useful are produced by Consumer Reports, Smart Money Magazine, MSN Money, CNN Money (which is produced in association with Money Magazine) and The Dollar Stretcher.

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