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  Your Estate (or is it "E-State"?)  

The Big Boss continues "Now let me show you how I think small.  It's all about controlling your spending so you can grow your e-state and your estate," the BB pontificates.

You go "Please teach me, O Great One -- how can I make my thinking as small as yours?"

"I like your enthusiasm" says the BB, overlooking your wisecrack.

People who base their "e-state" on the things and experiences they purchase must stay in an earn-to-spend cycle, always needing more money to buy more and more goods and services.  That's fine if you love your job and you fully appreciate what you buy -- if that's you, go ahead and skip to the next section.

If you base your e-state on your inner being you'll pay mostly for basic needs, while putting the rest of your money to work for you as investments.  As you think small on material wants, your financial estate naturally grows.  So does your prosperity, social opportunities, personal growth, financial peace of mind, available career choices, and a host of other advantages.

"Is that the 'estate' you're giving me, a big fat financial sermon?!" you exclaim.

The BB smiles mysteriously.  "How do you think I got to be the Big Boss?"

To sum it all up, savings and thrift aren't about being cheap:  it's all about living well for less money.  You'll soon find it becoming easy to ignore commercial enticements and leave the "rat race" behind. You'll enjoy a pleasant retirement with the help of the CFA's Planning For Retirement page. And with your RealAge health plan, you'll soon find yourself living in a wonderful e-state.  That may be the biggest bonus anyone could ever receive... and it's something you can give yourself every day!

Exchanging warm farewells with the Big Boss, you comment "the bonus, my 'raise', the magnificent estate you promised... it doesn't seem to cost you one single dime!"

"I know" the BB breezes as he exits stage right, "Life is great when you're at the top-- see ya there!"

Thought for the Day:  "Modern man is frantically trying to earn enough to buy things he's too busy to enjoy."

~ Frank A. Clark (1911 - ), American writer and humorist


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