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What's so special about the Consumer Freedom Alliance?  Many consumer publishers present good information to consumers, some of which is sufficiently high-quality to be comparable to ours.  The difference simply is:  We will do anything to persuade consumers to read, implement and pass along helpful tips so that all consumers may benefit.

All of our sites were constructed to encourage consumers to use and share the most helpful tips in the world.  On each site consumers can enjoy helpful advice and request the free Special Report "The World's Best Consumer Tips."  These sites include:

  •  Here anyone can quickly read the best eight tips from the free Special Report "The World's Best Consumer Tips."  This Special Report draws a sharp contrast between the best consumer tips and the the worst 12 consumer mistakes, which strongly motivates people to move their lives in a more positive direction.  This value-packed site helps consumers learn powerful tips in minutes, tips that took us hundreds of hours to research!  A slideshow on the home pages helps consumers understand how these smart consumer tips really can help them achieve at least one or two of the dreams on their wish list.

  •  This is the site for people who like to see wisdom leavened with humor and wit.  Consumers can read a funny "Daily Illustrated Tip" -- funny, but with a kernel of truth.  And in just a couple of clicks, anyone can send these funny tips to their friends.

  •  Readers of "The 12 Biggest Consumer Goofs can read quotes from five historical figures and vote for whose is the best quote.  This site builds interest and encourages people to read "The World's Best Consumer Tips."

  •  Our headquarters site, it is mostly for private internal use.  Its public pages summarize our efforts on behalf of consumers.

While most established sites contain a greater quantity of information, our sites distinguish themselves by clearly and concisely presenting excellent quality of information.  At our sites, busy consumers who have a limited amount of time can digest important advice many times faster.  We've found that one-page sites are a very effective way to present the most important tips.  Consumers shouldn't be forced to click through different menus and navigate around a lot of advertisements to get what they need.  You can see for yourself how well our one-page sites work for consumers:

  •  We established this site because there was a shortage of consumer-friendly homeowning advice sites on the Internet.  Most sites that offer advice to homeowners are biased because they're really just fronts for real estate brokers and/or mortgage loan companies.  None of those sites offer a realistic calculator that determines the true cost of homeowning. teaches what you should know before buying a home (much of which you're not likely to see elsewhere!)  It features five coordinated mortgage calculators to help consumers understand the true costs of homeowning.

  •  We perceived a need on the Internet for a quick, effective and entertaining "crash course" in auto safety.  This site provides a list of automotive safety tips that people can print and keep in their car.  To help keep consumers interested in reading it, humorous pictures are interspersed inside in the text.

  •  This site is modeled on one of the seven actual tipsheets from "The World's Best Consumer Tips."  There people can read the most effective tips for conserving fuel and electricity.

"What's Newsworthy About The CFA?"

The Special Report "The World's Best Consumer Tips is designed to offer the most concentrated and helpful explanation of consumer tips possible. We exhaustively researched the best tips and explained them very concisely, so that people can absorb highly useful information in a short time.  There are some sites with more consumer information, but we've seen no site that is as concisely helpful.

We challenge anyone to Google the top 20 to 50 results for "consumer tips" and if you find anything more concisely helpful than this Special Report, don't report on us!  We're confident that you'll find us newsworthy because we've found that members of the media love to help people improve their lives.

The hottest stories help people while also presenting new and surprising information that most people haven't yet heard.  Here's some interesting facts people should know about the CFA:

  1. A Groundbreaking Study of Consumer Mistakes.  An especially interesting tipsheet from the Special Report "The World's Best Consumer Tips." is The 12 Biggest Consumer Goofs.  It ranks the most expensive consumer mistakes being made by American consumers, based on the most authoritative available estimates of the actual damage to their finances, health and safety.  We encourage webmasters, bloggers and other members of the media to download free web content based on that report and disseminate it so that consumers do not have to suffer the consequences of these tragic mistakes.

    We ranked the The 12 Biggest Consumer Goofs in order of their severity, using quantitative analysis.  To our knowledge, this is the first time that this has ever been done.  The facts stated in this report have been substantiated by careful research:  anyone can visit to see the proof for themselves.

  2. A Committment To Spread The Word.  Again, what makes us special is that we'll do anything to persuade consumers to share helpful tips for the benefit of us all.  To mention some current examples:

    1. The World's Best Consumer Tips encourages people to forward its seven power-packed tipsheets to everyone they know, and free web content is available for webmasters and bloggers to download and post.
    2. lets people send funny illustrated tips to their friends.
    3. is the web's most interesting and readable "crash course" in automotive safety.

  3. More is coming soon.  Expect us to roll out more imaginative features in the coming months!  We currently have four unique and fascinating consumer tools in the works that can help any consumer achieve dramatically better health, safety and financial freedom.  We'll release them all by early fall, so we highly recommend that you sign up for notifications here.  We're consumer advocates who believe in protecting your privacy, so rest assured that we'll zealously guard your email address:
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