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  4. Surprising Auto Safety Facts  

The Startling Truth!  Half of all Americans will suffer a painful traffic injury at some point in their lives.  On average, drivers have about a 10% chance of a fatal or incapacitating crash in their lifetime.  Resolve to drive safely!

Drive Clear-Headed.  15% of habitual drunk drivers eventually die in a traffic accident; most others end up in a wheelchair or in jail.  Always drive sober!

Drive Cool-Headed.  Dangerous mindsets such as anger and overconfidence may actually be the deadliest problem of all.  Rash driving maneuvers are thought to lead to more fatal traffic crashes than anything else.

Get More Safety Tips Now

A Quick Auto Safety Course. presents most important safety tips on one web page.  For example, here's two things to remember for your next car purchase:

  1. Here's a Bright Idea.  A New Zealand study concluded that brightly colored cars are about twice as safe from traffic crashes as hard-to-see cars colored green, brown or black.  Silver cars were the safest -- they were estimated to be half as likely as white cars to have an accident.

  2. Electronic Stability Control.  These "ESC" systems can prevent rollovers and spin-outs.  They reduce traffic fatalities by 15% for most cars, and 25% for SUVs.  They're now standard on about half of all models, and will be required on all new vehicles by 2012.  They shouldn't be confused with much less effective traction control systems.
This brief but effective crash course in auto safety takes up just one web page, which comes out to about four printed pages.  Visitors will also be treated to some entertaining "spoof tips" that should make them smile.

Visit Auto Safety Hub

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Is It Time To Switch?
What Makes For A Good Driver?

A good driver knows how to anticipate and avoid problems.  Other drivers just react to road situations -- and sometimes it's just too late.


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