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 Best Personal Safety Tips 

It boils down to simply this:  Never be caught alone and/or vulnerable, especially if you have something somebody wants.

1. Cars
& Keys
a)  To secure your car, (1) lock it, (2) take your keys, (3) conceal your valuables and (4) use a visible anti-theft device.  Do that, and the odds your car will be stolen are tiny.
b)  Don't let your gas fall below of a tank.
c)  Park in well-lighted, heavily traveled areas (avoid underground garages when possible.)
d)  Hide keys very well. Don't label them with any identification, in case they are stolen.
e)  If a vehicle is involved in a crime, get the license plate number and write it down to ensure you don't forget it.
f)  Don't hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.
2. When
a)  Tell someone where you'll be and what time you'll return.
b)  When possible, travel with a friend or a group.
c)  Avoid any area with minimal foot traffic, especially when alone.
d)  Stay away from anything that could hide an assailant, especially after dark.
e)  When walking along a road, face oncoming traffic so you can see cars coming.
f)  Be aware of anyone who may be following (if so, walk calmly toward a more populated area.)
h)  Hide wallets or carry a small hideable purse.
i)  If confronted by a threatening dog, stand very still and look away casually to avoid confrontation. Try to "feed" it some clothing or other item to distract it, then back away slowly.
3. What
a)  Respecting themselves and others helps prevent crime.
b)  Never talk to strangers, or go anywhere with someone they don't know.
c)  Walk and play with friends, not alone.
d)  Your address, and all phone numbers.
e)  How to get help in emergencies, e.g. call 911.
f)  Warn them to never mishandle guns.
g)  Tell a trusted adult immediately if anyone, no matter who, touches them in a strange way.
h)  An adult should watch children at all times, especially when near a roadway or a body of water.
4. With
a)  Do not associate with people of dubious character, especially when alone.
b)  Don't talk about your plans where strangers can overhear you.
c)  Check who is at the door before opening it, and don't open it for an unexpected visitor. If it's a deliveryman, ask to see the package through your peephole first. If they want to use the phone, offer to make the call for them.
d)  In case you're attacked, consider carrying an aerosol shriek alarm or a whistle, yelling "Fire!" repeatedly, fleeing, or turning him off by acting crazy or saying you have an STD.
e)  An assailant will be less likely to attack you if you act self-confident and in control.
5. Your
a)  Never give it to telephone solicitors, regardless of the reason they give you.
b)  At ATMs guard your PIN number and be aware of people nearby, especially at night.
c)  For best privacy, don't use your full name on your mailbox, answering machine or in the phone directory.

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