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  Big Gas Savings  

Now here are some even more powerful tips, again showing your five-year savings:

Four Great Ways to Save on Gas
1. Find lower gas prices. Save $100 to $200.  Some stations sell gas for about 5¢ less per gallon, including Safeway and small discounters such as CitGo.  The giant wholesaler CostCo often sells gas at a 10¢ discount.
2. Use "rewards" credit cards. Save $1,250 or more.  Some cards will save 5% on gas costs, while others will pay you rebates of 3-6% on all your purchases at gas stations, drug stores and supermarkets.  If you purchase $5,000 worth of groceries and supplies at a supermarket this year, a 6% rebate will earn $300 in free gas for you.  The Consumer Card Report site maintains a list of the best rewards cards.
3. Buy a more fuel-efficient car. Save $5,000 or more.  If you drive a low-cost and fuel-efficient used car you'll pay less up front and get better mileage.  What actually saves the most money is that its resale value will drop more slowly.  For example a new $20,000 car will resell for about $10,000 in five years, while a used $10,000 car will resell for perhaps $5,000 five years from now.  If you do buy a new car, keep in mind that driving a hybrid cuts your gas expenses about 25%.  An page covers your fuel-economy options nicely.  You might also think about using a car-sharing company like FlexCar or ZipCar.
4. Drive 2,500 to 10,000 fewer miles per year. Save $3,750 to $30,000.  It costs about $0.30 to $0.60 per mile to drive a car including fuel, buying the car, insurance & maintenance.  You can drive less by using one or more of these strategies:  car pooling, van pooling, telecommuting to work one or more days per week, moving closer to work (or working closer to home), using mass transit, combining errands, and making fewer unnecessary trips.  The Consumer Energy Center does a good job of explaining all your transportation choices.
Example:  Let's say a consumer drives 5,000 fewer miles per year.  At 40¢ per mile, over five years the savings amount to (5,000 x $0.40 x 5 years) = $10,000.

Why not print out this tipsheet right now as your quick & easy guide to energy savings?  Keeping a printout handy will go a long way towards reminding you to use these tips.

So now you know how to find a fistful of dollars on your doorstep.  Most Americans won't find this daily manna, but now you can walk out the door every day with a smile -- because you will!

(Next Gem: How To Do A "Home Energy Audit")

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