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Gems of Consumer Wisdom
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 71 Gems of Consumer Wisdom 

This site presents the best "gems of consumer wisdom" we could find -- tips that can supercharge your health, safety and financial freedom!  You can view these tips individually, or read them in the seven tipsheets of the free Special Report "The World's Best Consumer Tips:"
I. "The Fountain of Youth" Health Tips
    The Benefits Of
    Good Health Habits
    Keep Your Spirits High
    Take The RealAge Test
    Watch What You Put In Your System
    More Helpful Health Pages

II. How To Save On Energy Costs
    Save Big On Energy Costs
    How To Get Better Gas Mileage
    Big Gas Savings
    How To Do A "Home Energy Audit"
    Gas Prices Joke
    How To Save On Electric Bills
    Hot Water: Your Biggest Home Energy Bite

Special: What If Just 10% Of Us Took Action?
    Help Spread The Word!

III. How To Keep Safe From Crime
    Protect Your Home From Burglaries
    How To Scare 'Em Off...
    ...And Fool 'Em Too
    How To Lock Out Burglars
    How To Ensure Your Personal Safety
    Hapless Burglar Joke
    How To Safeguard Your Valuables

IV. Rates, Rebates and E-States
    Financial Tips Introduction
    Your "Big Raise": How To Save Money
    How To Find The Best "Reward Cards"
    How To Pay Rates As Low As 0%
    Your Estate (or is it "E-State"?)
    How To Maximize Your Interest Earnings
    A Few Basic Investment Tips
    A Tax-Free Joke
    Ask Yourself A Few Questions...
    How To Slash Monthly Bills
V. Stay Safe And Cut Insurance Costs
    Insurance Today
    How To Save On Auto Insurance
    Switching Auto Insurance
    Switch Life Insurance And Save
    Major Causes Of Injuries
    Switch Home Insurance And Save
    Insurance Claims Humor
    Safe Driving

VI. Your Medical Savings Toolkit
    Get Health Care At Low Or No Cost
    Question Each Medical Expense
    Tax-Saving Health Care Ideas
    Shop Around for Health Insurance
    The Psychology Of Health
    Save On Pharmaceuticals
    Doctor Joke
    Dental Savings
    Dropping Addictive Habits

Bonus Report: "The 12 Biggest Consumer Goofs"
    Mistake #12: Low Interest Rates
    Mistake #11: An Unaffordable Home Purchase
    Mistake #10: High Credit Card Debts
    Mistake #9: Forgetting Safety
    Mistake #8: High Fuel Costs
    Mistake #7: Bad Investments
    Mistake #6: Overspending
    Mistake #5: Mediocre Nutrition
    Mistake #4: Vice Habits
    Mistake #3: Crime Vulnerability
    Mistake #2: Career Drift
    Mistake #1: Values Drift

VII. How To Stay "Consumerwise"
    Keep Learning And Benefiting
    More Ways To Keep Learning

Bonus Tipsheet: Home Planning Tips
    Know The True Costs Of Homeowning
    How To Estimate Any Home's Value
    How To Guard Against Home Disasters
    Improvements Can Increase A Home's Value
    How To Comparison-Shop For A Mortgage
    How To Get A Low-Cost Mortgage
    Stay Alert For Refinancing Opportunities
    How To Lower Your Property Taxes
    How To Sell Your Home For Maximum Gain

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