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Part I:  The Modern-Day Fountain Of Youth?!

Of course there is no fountain of youth in the literal sense, but is it possible to use science to add more vitality, longevity and even enthusiasm to our lives?  In our search for an answer, we objectively compared dozens of books and sites concerning the subject of optimal health.  Knowing that we could devote only one tipsheet of seven to this subject, we looked for a site that could deliver the best and fullest advice in the shortest possible time.

The closest that modern science has come to a modern-day "fountain of youth" may very well be the RealAge.com health-planning site.  It was founded by doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, an often-featured speaker on public television who has written several bestsellers about health including YOU:  The Owner's Manual.

RealAge.com asks you a few questions to find out about your particular health situation, then gives you a step-by-step health plan that actually can help you feel better and live longer if you choose to heed its well-researched advice.  Here's what the experts have been saying about it:

  "Great solutions, simple solutions, something everybody can do." -- CNN News
"Doctors deliver only about half of the recommended treatment and preventive care called for in clinical practice guidelines... RealAge.com provides tailored reports on how to look and feel better, and information such as avoiding disease, the effects of aging, and medical errors." -- Consumer Reports
"It will absolutely, positively change how you look at your health... It will be one of the best investments of your time you will ever make." -- Real Solutions Magazine

It's so well worth your time!  It could even greatly increase your available time by lengthening your life, reducing fatigue and helping you live even more energetically and productively.  Here's a list of the top dozen tips from doctors Oz and Roizen, along with how many years the average person will gain by adopting them.  No one is claiming the numbers are exact, but they do fit the findings of scientific medical studies fairly well.   The best tips are often the most common-sense ones:

Good Health & Safety Habits
1. Wear Your Seatbelt. Gain up to 3.4 years.  Wear your seat belt and drive defensively to safeguard against crippling injury or even death, reducing your age by up to 3.4 years.
2. Monitor Your Health. Gain up to 12 years.  People who proactively seek high-quality medical care and attentively manage their health conditions can live up to 12 years longer than those who do not.
3. Know Your Blood Pressure. Gain up to 25 years!  Low blood pressure (~115/75 mm Hg) can reduce your age by as much as 25 years, when compared to people with blood pressure higher than 160/90 mm Hg.

Back to the original question: is there a modern-day Fountain of Youth?  The answer is the same as it's always been:  "you're as young as you feel!"  The more you keep a good attitude and do what you love, the better you'll feel and the longer you'll live.

Four Very Healthy Attitudes
1. Become a Lifelong Learner. Gain up to 2.5 years.  People who maintain a healthy intellectual curiosity throughout their lives can improve their RealAge by up to 2.5 years.
2. Be Active. Gain about 5 years.  Even minor exercise -- two 20-minute walks per day -- can make you nearly 5 years more youthful.
3. Laugh a Lot. Gain up to 8 years.  Laughter reduces stress, strengthens your immune system, and can make improve your effective RealAge by up to 8 years.
4. Reduce Stress. Gain up to 32 years!  High stress makes you vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes, effectively making you as much as 32 years older than your calendar age.  All you need is a strong social support network coupled with the stress-reduction strategies revealed by Dr. Roizen.

Dr. Roizen's number one tip is to take the free RealAge Test.  By taking the RealAge Test, over your lifetime your RealAge could be helped by up to 26 years.  "That means that you will live younger every day, and live longer with as much health and energy as possible" says Dr. Roizen.

Just go to RealAge.com and click the "RealAge Test" button on their home page.  They'll ask you to register with your email address and password (which they will keep private.)  It takes about 10 minutes to answer their health quiz and you'll receive the results in your inbox in about an hour.

There's so much to explore at Dr. Roizen's excellent site, so we'll sign off for today.  You'll receive parts II through VII of this special report "The World's Best Consumer Tips", spaced two days apart.  To ensure that you receive the next six tips from us, add the email address in the "From:" field to your address book.  In Part II we'll talk about how conserving energy can help you save a surprising amount of money!

Thought for the Day:  "There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.  Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

~ Dalai Lama (1950 - ), Tibetan spiritual leader


To-Do List:
1. Visit RealAge to create your own personal health plan
2. Gradually work its tips into your schedule over the coming month
3. Feel great!

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Watch Your Mouth!
What you put into your system has a big effect on your health, often in ways you wouldn't think would matter so much:
1. Fill Up on Fiber. Gain about 2.5 years.  Dr. Roizen states that eating 25 grams of fiber per day improves your RealAge by up to 2.5 years, when compared to those who get only 12 grams of fiber per day (men may need even more than 25 grams).
2. Take Your Vitamins. Gain about 6 years.  Dr. Roizen recommends that you regularly take a multivitamin containing vitamin C (1200 mg/day), vitamin E (400 IU/day), calcium (1000-1200 mg/day), vitamin D (400-600 IU/day), folate (400 mcg/day), and vitamin B6 (6 mg/day).
3. Floss Your Teeth. Gain about 6.4 years.  Flossing and brushing every day helps your oral health.  Bad oral health is a frequent pathway for germs and viruses to attack you in other parts of your body.
4. Quit Smoking and Avoid Passive Smoke. Gain about 8 years.  Quit smoking to gain about 8 years. Avoid second-hand smoke as well.

More To Explore
Here are some of the most helpful health pages you'll find anywhere:

Consumer Reports maintains several excellent sites:
  Consumer Reports Medical Guide has unbiased reviews, has doctor-reviewed medical guidance to help you with various health conditions, and can send you health alerts on various topics.  Their shopping agent CR Best Buy Drugs can help you buy at a rock-bottom price.

And at RealAge.com you'll find...
 Personalized Wellness Centers covering about 100 health topics with customized advice to help improve your "RealAge" and reduce health risks.
 A Doctor Center explaining their books using helpful excerpts such as "6 Foods to Keep Your Mind Young".
  A Parenting Center to help give your kids the best start possible, with articles such as The Top 9 Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids.

Note:  It would be impossible to list the hundreds of sources we researched for this Special Report, so in each tipsheet we'll just list a few of the better sources for those who are curious.
1. Editor's Letter, Stephen Adele, Real Solutions Magazine editorial.
2. Health Subscription Web sites, Consumer Reports article.
3. Doctors Mehmet Oz, Michael Roizen Give Tips On Living Healthy, Long Life, Interview with Joe Pastone, CNN Live Sunday.
4. Top 12 Ways To Make Your RealAge Younger, Realage.com article.
5. YOU: The Owner's Manual, book by Michael F. Roizen & Mehmet Oz, Harper Collins, 2006.
6. RealAge Test Resources and References, Realage.com listing.

the Fountain of Youth is for anyone...
The mythical Fountain of Youth
...if they'll just stay young at heart!

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