A Special Message From The CFA... "Part 2.5" Of
The World's Best Consumer Tips

If you 're finding this Special Report helpful we've got another pleasant surprise for you.  Did you know that you already have the power to create more benefits for yourself and the ones you love -- without paying a dime, revealing any personal information, or for that matter even lifting your fingers from the keyboard?!

What If Just 10% Of Us Took Action?...

You've read health tips that can supercharge your vitality, and conservation tips that can save you a fistful of dollars... now let's look into our crystal ball and foresee how these tips could benefit everyone:

  1. Tipsheet #1:  Good Health.  If more Americans acted on the tips presented at RealAge.com, they would boost their immune systems fantastically and enjoy many more quality years.  Many of the most devastating ailments are preventable:  heart disease, diabetes, and even various cancers.  For every 10% of our population that commits to good health habits, America could reduce its health care costs by an estimated 5%.  We spend a staggering two trillion dollars each year on health care, so just a 5% savings would generate a whopping one hundred billion dollars for America.

  2. Tipsheet #2:  Conservation.  If we all used just 10% of the conservation tips we mentioned, world oil demand would return to 2003 levels when gasoline cost about $1.50 per gallon. Oil imports would be half the current $200 billion annual cost, and Americans again would save as much as another $100 billion dollars annually!  And it can really be done.  In fact, energy experts have stated that if America adopted the same energy-efficient standards of other western democracies, we could rely solely on our own rich oilfields and import zero oil.

    And something has to be done.  As gas prices race to over $4 per gallon, hundreds of billions are falling into the laps of oil sheiks who watch idly while thousands die in Iraq.  We've waited many years for government to enact reforms, and what has it done besides act like a lap dog of the special interests?  And have you seen those "chain emails" that urge people to boycott oil companies?  They never work... but one thing always works.  Conservation!
Guess what the average American's share of all those billions would be?  Every man, woman and child would benefit by $665 per year -- that's about $2,650 for a family of four.  And that's every year for years to come!  Now you can see how by forwarding these tips you'll not only be helping others, you'll share those benefits with your fellow Americans and really all human beings.  And rest assured, the CFA will be giving out many more great consumer tips to uplift and enrich us all.

How Can We Make It Happen?...

Remember reading how this World's Best Tips Special Report is designed to spread consumer wisdom worldwide, ??  Let's join hands with other ordinary American citizens and together achieve a magnificent triumph for all humanity!

Here's something smart and easy that you can do for yourself, your friends and all humanity.  Over the coming week, would you please forward some good tipsheets or jokes to your friends?  You see, you have one special power that we could never match:  one friend is more likely to respond to another friend's personal recommendation than to just about anything else in the whole world.

How can you do this?  Well, you could choose to forward the funny "tips" posted at our Funny Tips page.  You could encourage them to get "The World's Best Consumer Tips" at SmartConsumerTips.com.  Or you could forward any of the next four tipsheets:  they'll cover crime prevention, money management, medical cost-cutting, and safety/insurance (in that order).  And if you'd like to forward our previous tipsheets, you can do that even if you haven't saved them:  just visit our Tipsheet Request Center to quickly have them sent to your inbox again.  If you have an "instant messaging" program, you could use it to send your friends a web address such as http://www.smartconsumertips.com.

Here's a little how-to tip when forwarding emails.  For best results do either of the following:

  1. Forward it as an attachment rather than "inline text" (see how-to examples.)
  2. Make sure your forwarded message is composed in HTML.  If you don't see a ">" at the start of each line, you'll know you're doing it right.
You'll probably see buttons or links for those two options in your email inbox (or its options menu.)

You Can Really Make A Difference!

only you can encourage your friends to become the smartest, happiest consumers they can be!  You'll feel great as you see these tips increasing the happiness and prosperity of your friends and many other people worldwide.  You won't be one of those who just stood by and twiddled their thumbs while others did something.  The sooner you take action the more wonderful you'll feel, because you'll be able to say "I was there from the start, and I helped enlighten the entire world!"

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