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"Well worthwhile. Very user- friendly, informative and enter- taining"
(Brad H., Indiana)

"I love this site. I think it is very helpful. I plan to visit it again and I am sending the link to all of my friends and co- workers"
(Deanna G., Ohio)

"This is a good tool to pursue financial freedom.  I will recommend this service to my sister"
(Gail, Michigan)

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"I would recommend this site. There is a lot of good, useful infor- mation"
(Pam L., Arizona)

"It has shown me a lot and I need to start making serious changes... good tips"
(J.D. Bobbi, Kansas)

"This site has provided some very helpful tips"
(Erin, California)

"Don't forget to stop, admire the artwork and read EVERY- THING!"
(Jack C., California)

    How Much More Could You Do With Better
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Stay Positive!

Some folks imagine "Oh, I already get enough of this consumer stuff" or "This is too basic for someone like me."  That's actually self-sabotaging:  Nobody knows all these tips (well, except perhaps Jeopardy's Ken Jennings...)

And to consumer advocates like us, nothing is more frustrating than when consumers are deprived of knowledge that can help them live their lives to the fullest.

One quick tour covers the eight best ways we could think of to assist consumers.  Although you may already be doing many of them, you'll also receive much new information and encouragement.


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Does this thought sound familiar...

"Sure, I know sites like Consumer Reports and can help me gain much-improved health, safety and financial freedom.  But -- who has the time to sort through the thousands of articles there?"

If you only had the time, you really could achieve much better health, safety and financial freedom!

We included dozens of the best consumer tips in the free easy-to-read Special Report "The World's Best Consumer Tips."  These surprisingly powerful tips took us hundreds of hours to research... but you can learn them in just minutes!

The bottom line:  Smart consumer tips really can help you achieve at least one or two of the dreams on your wish list.

What would you do with vastly improved health, safety and financial freedom?  By reading this far, you've shown you have the wisdom to seek those things.  Why not take a few minutes for a quick tour of eight of the very best tips and see for yourself?

Start The Quick Tour:
"Two Trillion-Dollar Mistakes"

Quick Tour Guide

  1. Two Trillion-Dollar Mistakes  
  2. Security Steps You Must Take  
  3. Get Maximum "Cash Back"  
  4. Surprising Auto Safety Facts  
  5. Is It Time To Switch?  
  6. It Pays To Eat Right  
  7. Right-Size Your Insurance  
  8. Your Best Conservation Bets  

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