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12 DIY Backyard Ideas for Patios, Porches and Decks • The Budget Decorator

When we want to spend time outdoors, its natural that we want to linger on our patios, porches and decks. They are a natural gathering place to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family, or even for a quiet Sunday afternoon with a lemonade and a book. So it makes sense to want to make those spaces as nice as our budgets will allow! Don’t relegate your outdoor rooms to be the last space you design for living. These DIY backyard ideas for patios, porches and decks will help you to create a space you want to be in whenever the weather allows! (For us, it pretty much has to be blowing snow or a dust storm to keep us inside!)


12 DIY Ideas for Patios, Porches and Decks - Tall Pin


DIY Backyard Ideas

DIY Backyard Deck Decorating Ideas

From Heather at ‘Setting for Four‘ make these easy DIY outdoor curtain rods and add some patio privacy! These outdoor curtains will also protect you from direct sun, and not to mention, they are so darn pretty! Heather says if you follow her tutorial, you can have these curtain rods done in 10 minutes! Oh, and if you are really wanting to make your patio or deck amazing, they have a tutorial for that DIY outdoor dining table too!


Try this from ‘Simply Designing with Ashley‘. Build a porch swing for the most charming house on the block! An incredible DIY outdoor tutorial for this project! Check out more DIY Front Porch Swings!

12 DIY Ideas for Patios, Porches and Decks


Here is another example ( and tutorial!) for a DIY painted deck and rug from ‘Nesting with Grace‘. The navy stripes are sophisticated, yet still fun. Be sure to check out all her other DIY deck decor too!


This idea from ‘HGTV‘ is an awesome idea for anyone whose budget is tight. Paint a rug on your deck, porch or patio! I have done this and it really spruces things up. You can even go to the discard paint bin and pick from there to save even more.

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From ‘BHG‘,  try using different flooring materials to add interest and create separate spaces. This photo shows using stones as borders around wooden decking. Or you could combine sod, gravel  and stepping stones to create a low budget but charming patio space where none existed. Great DIY ideas for decks here!

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DIY Patio Ideas on a Budget

This next one is one of our favorite front porch ideas. Learn how to beef up those front porch columns  from Anne (and Kenny!) at ‘Planting Sequoias‘. Not only does it improve your curb appeal, it makes the porch feel more grounded and comfortable. This is something most of us can do, and can your columns be too beefy?

Patios, porches and decks-1


Caitlin from ‘Desert Domicile‘ posted this DIY corner storage bench in the ‘Home Depot Blog‘. We love the modern lines of this project, and who doesn’t need more storage? This is waaayyyy cheaper than buying a set like this at a specialty store. Detailed tutorial with photos. Love!

Patios, porches and decks-2


This DIY outdoor wall planter from ‘Sugar and Cloth‘ is just the thing to boost the appeal of your patio or deck. Made from a wooden handrail section from Home Depot, you could plant herbs, succulents or flowers here. It’s also versatile enough to fit into most styles, from modern to traditional.

12 DIY Ideas for Patios, Porches and Decks - vertical plant structure


Love, love, LOVE this Midcentury trellis DIY from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘!  This is a perfect DIY backyard patio idea to ring in some style and substance to an otherwise boring area. Great tutorial and lots of photos. Such a fresh look with a retro vibe!


DIY Porch, Patio and Deck Decor

From Anna at ‘Home, Heart and Hands‘, make this DIY porch planter with gold dipped legs, for $8! Yep. Eight dollars. This could be used to dress up any of your outdoor spaces, and it’s a pretty simple project.

Patios, porches and decks-5-1


Here is one of our top choices for patio ideas. This DIY backyard table from ‘Bigger Than the Three of Us‘ is the perfect patio or porch project. Who else needs a spot for their glass of wine while sitting outdoors? And we love how it’s also a stylish planter. She has a link to the original free outdoor table plans, that she used as well!


Scott at ‘Saws on Skates‘ has this really cute DIY patio planter cabinet tutorial we had to include here! First, we were thinking, why put plants in a cabinet? (Of course, this is so cute, we really didn’t care…) But then he pointed out that he made this for a friend who was having critter issues. We love this idea! In addition, this piece makes the whole patio look even more like an outdoor room. Also, charm. Right?


This DIY cinder block bench will add seating to any area for just a few bucks! From ‘Somewhat Simple‘, this is a good tutorial with photos.

12 DIY Ideas for Patios, Porches and Decks

Now that you have these DIY backyard ideas for patios, porches and decks down, try our post on Budget Outdoor Planter Projects. Don’t forget to save this post for later by pinning our tall image at the top! And if you want more, jump over to our sister site The Garden Glove and check out DIY Outdoor Dining Table Projects , DIY Greenhouses,   Cool & Creative Plant Stands You Can Make, and our post on DIY Bird Feeders that actually look amazing!

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