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Best board games for elementary-aged kids | Christmas Gift Guide

Elementary-Age Board Games Gift Guide -- The best board games for school-age kids (ages 6-12)

Best Board Games for Kids

Here are the best board games for kids in elementary school ages 6-12:


1. Catan: Junior — We love this game and have had so much fun playing. I highly recommend.

2. Qwirkle Board Game — A fun mind game when you match the colors and shapes. Fun for the entire family.

3. Melissa & Doug Suspend — An exciting balance game for kids that can be played with up to 4 players or alone.

4Set: The Family Game of Visual Perception — If you have kids that like to look for patterns this is one of the best. Easy to learn and tons of replay value.

5. Spot It — Perfect for at home or travel. Develops focus, visual perception skills, speech-language skills, and fine motor skills.

6. SKIP BO Card Game — A classic card game that is fun for the whole family.

7Ticket To Ride — Build train routes and travel around the country. Over 225 colored train cars.

8. Rummikub — Perfect game for kids learning numbers and game strategy.

9. Sleeping Queens — Great game to help kids learn math and an instant favorite.

10. The Game of Life — This game is almost as painfully long as Monopoly for adults, but it’s great to teach math, counting money, debt, and investing. There is a Life Junior that is fun, but definitely a VERY scaled down version of the original.

11. SmartGames IQ Link — A challenging puzzle game that is also great for travel.

12. Sorry! — Great game for younger school-aged kids. Teaches counting and basic strategy. Bonus that it’s over in about 20 minutes.

13. Clue — Our 9 year old son just started playing this with his friends and is LOVING it. Super fun to collect clues and do some problem-solving along the way.

14. Yahtzee — This is a perfect game for elementary-aged kids! Takes some reasoning skills and a little bit of math, but so fun.  You can also grab the travel version that’s perfect for road trips!

15. Farkle — This one is a dice game kind of similar to Yahtzee, but involves some fun risk taking and a bit less strategy. Super fun!

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