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I love budgeting, but I know sticking to a budget can be difficult if money is tight. When you’re budgeting, you may not be aware of how to save money on a tight budget. Maybe you’re already packing your lunch for work or keeping your distance from costly hobbies and expensive coffee shops.  It’s important […]Continue Reading
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This summer I plan to focus on my fitness, but I also want to exercise on a budget. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to exercising and getting on a great fitness regimen. There is everything from barre classes and kickboxing sessions to spin classes, personal trainers and accountability coaching. Not to mention […]Continue Reading
Blog budget Save Money
Everyone wants to save money. Or at least make more money. I know, I’ve totally been there. Wouldn’t you love to save $500 right now? I’m all about making money and saving money. That’s part of the reason I love to side hustle and have shared my journey on this blog! Imagine being able to save […]Continue Reading
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Whilst catching up on my couch time recently, a documentary on NetFlix called Minimalism: A Documentary caught my eye. I started to watch and surprisingly I made it all the way to the end, which is pretty good for me. Its a thought provoking film that challenges some fundamental values in our very consumerist modern […]Continue Reading
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There are lot of tips and tricks to tackling your personal finances, I thought I’d heard them all until I recently came across ‘Spending Fast’. Now I know what you’re thinking, that doesn’t make sense! Getting your finances in control is about spending less, right? Being smart with you money is about delayed gratification, it’s […]Continue Reading