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Chocolate Acorn Cookies | Recipe

How to make acorn cookies - A great craft for kids for the fall or Thanksgiving!

How to make Acorn Cookies

“Go anywhere today?” My husband asked me about ten minutes after walking through the door from work a few years ago.

“Um… does the mailbox count?” was my lame reply. I was actually proud of myself for making it that far.

I had been fighting the current Crud going around (pre-2020 so don’t worry, no Covid). Unfortunately, sick days aren’t really covered in the Mom Contract. I kept looking for a clause, but nope. Nothing. I think the general rule is that Moms just aren’t supposed to get sick in the first place. Alas, there I was. Leaving the house under protest. Blowing my nose constantly. Sleeping whenever possible. Feeding and clothing my children only when absolutely necessary.

My parenting skills had hit an all-time low. I called it Couch Parenting. I gave up on the Naptime! Game, in favor of just telling my 3-year old, “Please don’t break anything, including your brother, while I close my eyes for 5 minutes.”

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Acorn cookie ingredients

A few days in, I felt the first spark of my old self returning. What’s this? Energy? I had not left the house with both children in five days, let alone do anything fun with either of them. I was ready to get back on track.

I remembered seeing a fun little edible project in a Ladies Home Journal a few weeks ago. With only 3 ingredients and 3 steps, I knew this was a project I could tackle with a toddler on my first day back to reality. She loved unwrapping and lining up all of the Hershey’s kisses. I assembled acorns while stuffing Nutter Butter Bites into my 1-year old’s mouth. It was super simple, and the end product was cute and tasty. A successful project, if you ask me!

With plenty of fall still ahead of us these would be a fun weekend project to do with your kids or a unique addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table.

chocolate acorn cookies

For the record, I know acorns don’t come from maple trees. But there were no oak leaves within an easy walking distance. Like to the mailbox.

Chocolate Acorns

From Ladies Home Journal
Yield: 5-6 dozen


1 cup chocolate chips, divided
9-12 oz. bag of Hershey’s kisses
8 oz. bag of Nutter Butter bites (or Ritz Bitz)

  1. Place about 1/4 cup of chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 1-2 minutes, stopping and stirring it every 20 seconds until melted.
  2. Unwrap the kisses and use the melted chocolate to attach one kiss to each Nutter Butter bite. (You could also split the bites in half to make more acorns.)
  3. Dip the flat side of the chocolate chips into the melted chocolate and attach them to the tops of the acorns. Let cool & serve.

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