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CrossFit Gift Guide – The BEST gear and accessories for CrossFit enthusiasts

CrossFit Gift Guide -- Here are 17 must-haves and extras for the CrossFit Enthusiast on your list.

CrossFit Gift Guide

If you are just getting into CrossFit or are looking for some gift ideas for the CrossFitter in your life or are just looking to freshen up your gear for any kind of fitness, here are some of our favorites.

You don’t necessarily NEED anything for CrossFit. Your gym will most likely have everything that is necessary to get through a workout. But the longer you are there, you start to realize that having your own equipment is kind of nice: a jump rope cut to your height instead of going through 15 before finding one that sort of works, wrist wraps for overhead lifts that aren’t still dripping in sweat from the class before you. That sort of stuff.


1. Reebok CrossFit Nano — Most CrossFit shoes tend to have a very flat heel, so you can really FEEL your heels pushing through the floor and there isn’t a whole lot of extra shoe getting in the way on box jumps, rope climbs, double unders. The Nike Metcon is also a popular option.

2. Reebok CrossFit Lifter or Lifter Plus — These shoes have a solid heel lift that forces you to drive your heels through the floor when lifting (snatch, clean and jerk, back or front squats) AND stay off your toes. There are tons of different styles out there, but this is a good (and sort of kind of inexpensive) starting option.

3. JournalMENU Custom CrossFit Journal — Several different options for beginners, intermediate, kids, teens and more and you can customize just about anything you want with the design. Already pre-printed for tracking of top lifts and benchmarks (mile run, 5k), the traditional Girl workouts and tons of Hero WODs and lots of space to enter in your daily WODs.

4. Zella ‘Live In’ Capris — One sentence about these beloved pants. They are amazing and amazing and amazing and they fit amazing and they are great quality (read: not see through). There are TONS of good quality brands out there. Ask around in your gym for recommendations!

5. Socks — These are a fun and affordable way to customize your look AND can be super functional, depending on what movement you are doing. They can save shins from heavy deadlifts and rope climbs! Sock it to Me is a super fun brand with awesome designs and great quality. Prices range anywhere from $10 to $15 per pair.

6. Workout Tanks — Tanks made by Alternative Apparel aren’t super form-fitting, but also not really loose. They feel comfortable, but stay put during a crazy workout and they really hold their shape after multiple washings. You can buy them from Junk Brands, Rogue Fitness,, Fat Bar Apparel and more.

7. Shorts — Absolutely a personal preference, but if you have a booty shorts lover on your gift list, some current favorite brands are Savage Barbell, Fleo, and Rogue Fitness.

8. Junk Brands Headbands — They are super stretchy and flexible, but stay put throughout every workout imaginable. Bonus? Wear them on days you don’t want to wash your hair and it covers up a lot of nasty. They come in tons of different colors, a few different styles and even offer an Ear Warmer style. Perfect for outside workouts! Current favorite style is the Flex Tie.

9. Sports Bras — Especially if you work out a lot, your bra needs to be supportive and comfortable, not rub in all the wrong places, not itch, and not stretch out. The lululemon Free To Be Bra is a current favorite and even looks great when not working out.


10. Jump Ropes — There are many different styles and kinds of ropes out there, but the Rogue Fitness Speed Ropes comes highly recommended. This Buy Jump Ropes brand on Amazon has TONS of colors available and some as low as $6 if you are looking for a more inexpensive option to get your feet wet.

11. Knee Sleeves — These provide warmth and compression to the knee which supports blood flow and can help reduce swelling. They even provide a little protection during burpees and walking lunges. Although there are several brands on the market, Rehband is one of the better known brands. Please note the different sizes and thickness.

12. Wrist Wraps — These are a huge help for wrist strength in any overhead movement (overhead squats, thrusters, snatches). If you have a previous wrist injury or just need more stability overhead, these are an awesome gift. If you want a fun and unique gift, Etsy has several custom wrist wrap shops with TONS of different designs.

13. Goat Tape — This has many uses, but a favorite is to wrap thumbs and fingers before doing heavy cleans or multiple reps so you don’t rip or develop a callous.

14. Gym Bag — After all these new accessories and extra pairs of shoes you’re ordering, you’re going to need something to carry them around. There are several brands out there worth considering, but the King Kong bag is an AMAZING, quality bag. Made of military-grade nylon with dual shoe compartments and a great warranty!

15. Gift Cards or Certificates — Talk to your head coach or owner or email the gym that your friend or family member goes to and see if they will work with you or provide a gift certificate for membership. You could also do a gift certificate to Rogue Fitness, Reebok, lululemon, Athleta, Nordstrom or any other brand your gift recipient loves.

16. Mobility and Flexibility — CrossFitters tend to use and abuse their bodies and don’t always have time after a WOD to really give them the attention they need. These items make fantastic gifts, as they can easily be used at home. There are all kinds of things to choose from, including foam rollers, massage sticks, flossing tape, lacrosse balls and more.

17. Winnie’s RipFix — So amazing for helping with ripped callouses, blisters and super dry skin. Comes super highly rated and would make a great stocking stuffer!

This is by no means a comprehensive list as there are eight trillion things you can buy to use at the gym, these are just some of our favorites. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for gifting to your favorite CrossFitter or just to gift to yourself because you’re awesome.

We’d love to hear if you have a favorite gift that’s not on this list!

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