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Elite Blog Academy Review Is It Worth It?

Elite Blog Academy is a popular blogging course geared towards new and established bloggers. I’m reviewing Elite Blog Academy 4.0 for 2020.

I originally took Elite Academy 2.0, so I have been an alumni for a few years now. Originally, I waited to write my first review of the course until nearly a year after joining the program as I wanted to be able to give an honest review about Elite Blog Academy.

Now, nearly four years later, I continue to update my review of the course so I can provide the most current information, my takeaways, and how I’m performing, as well as share real progress from other students and alumni.

Since taking the course, Elite Blog Academy has received some big updates! I’ve been here for the entire journey. It’s been exciting to watch thousands of students go through the program and find so many different levels of success!

Elite Blog Academy Offers Several Free Resources

First, before we get started, I recommend that you grab these free guides and workbooks to help you get started: Many of these resources will give you an idea of what to expect before you enroll in Elite Blog Academy. This gave me a feel for the teaching style, how the material would be presented, etc.

I like to save them online or print them out into a binder. All of these free resources can be quite helpful, whether you are brand new to blogging or a seasoned pro.

Video Interview with Ruth Soukup, Founder of Elite Blog Academy

If you prefer video format, I recommend checking out my video review of Elite Blog Academy.

Why You Need a Blog

Obviously, you need to have a blog to go through Elite Blog Academy.

If you can get your blog set up before you start going through the course that would save you a little bit of work so you can focus solely on the course material.

It’s also important to own your website as well. I had already started blogging here on Believe In A Budget before enrolling in the course, but you can also start Elite Blog Academy as a complete beginner with a brand new blog.

The reason for this is Elite Blog Academy only opens once a year. If you have been waiting to start your blog, you can always sign up for the course when enrollment opens and then start your blog. Since you have 24/7 unlimited access to the course material, this isn’t a big deal.

The course will walk you through how to create the right kind of content, provide you blogging ideas and more, so being an experienced blogger isn’t necessary. You just need to own your blog!

You can read this blog post about how to start a blog.

I read different Elite Blog Academy Reviews Before Signing Up

Before I signed up for EBA, I did a lot of research. A lot!

I read every single Elite Blog Academy review possible. In addition, I took it a step further to really look at each blogger that wrote a review and checked out their website as well.

The reason I wanted to look at each blogger’s website was to see if it correlated to their review.

For example, if a blogger said they had taken the course and implemented the material such as creating a product, I wanted to see if the blogger really created a product.

If a blogger’s review said the course helped them grow their email list, I looked for any email pop-ups and subscriptions.

Basically, I was doing extra research and homework to make sure the reviews were accurate.

This might have been overboard, but I had never paid for an online course before. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t have any regrets signing up for something that I had never done before.

I Wasn’t Sure If I Could Afford Elite Blog Academy

In addition to researching reviews, I also had to look at the cost. Aside from purchasing my website and getting a free domain name, I had very little expenses for my little blog.

I get these questions all the time – is Elite Blog Academy worth it? Why is Elite Blog Academy expensive?

For myself, I look at any educational purchase as an investment in myself and my future. And depending on where you live, it’s an education expense so you can deduct this on your taxes. Of course, I’m not a lawyer, so double-check with your accountant.

Sadly, many people only see a price tag but not the value. This is not the right mindset to have.

Someone who is serious about investing in their future needs to look at the big picture. If you pay for something and earn your money back, plus make additional income, that seems worth it, right?

When I signed up for the course, this is the mindset I chose to have. I started my blog with the intention to share my story so I could help other people, as well as figure out how to make money blogging.

On that same note, the name of this blog is Believe In A Budget, so I understand the importance of money and budgeting.

There wasn’t a payment plan option for me when I took the course, so I paid in full when I signed up. I was prepared financially to invest in the course, myself, and my future.

I took the course very seriously. Within six months, I made over $13,000 in my spare time with my blog. This was while working a full-time job with a long commute.

My blog views also went from something ridiculous like 1,000 monthly views to 160,000 monthly views in the same time frame. That’s insane! 

For me, it was worth the investment and I made my money back and then some.

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How Long it Took to Complete Elite Blog Academy

My time studying and taking action varied depending on the module and lesson. I probably spent more time in the beginning because the first few lessons really made me stop and think about my blog goals.

Elite Blog Academy was the first course I ever took online and it had been a while since I had take any type of class since college, so it was a small adjustment to get back into the mindset of learning.

I had a full-time job and responsibilities (don’t we all?!), so I had to intentionally schedule in dedicated study time each week.

Overall, I put a lot of thought into each assignment.

Elite Blog Academy Review: There are so many different blogging classes and blogging courses that are available. How do you know if it's a ripoff or a good deal? I spent a few hundred dollars on a course and got my money back - and then some! This blogging course showed my how to grow my blog, monetize and work with brands. Now I'm $13,000 richer thanks to Elite Blog Academy!

Other lessons were a little less involved and took me less time. I will say that I work slow and am meticulous about getting the most out of every unit, so I probably spent a little longer on units than other bloggers.

Everyone is different, but I probably spent a solid 4-8 hours per lesson.

Some of the lessons were designed to take two weeks, so that meant I could divide up my time and spend anywhere from 2-4 hours per week.

Students have unlimited access to the course. So if real life happens and you need to take a break from a lesson, you can just pick up from where you left off inside the course.

I earned over $13,000 from my blog within 6 months. This was such a confidence boost!

To date, I have documented over 50 monthly income reports, and you can read my first blog income report here.

Within my first year of blogging, I started to earn enough money that I was able to quit my day job.

  • I made over $91,000 online in 2016 (this was my first year blogging full time)
  • I made $289,000 in 2017
  • Then, I made over $500,000 in 2018
  • I made over $725,000 in 2019

All of this is an incredible amount of money. My life has completely changed. While all of this looks good in paper, what you can’t see is how much I hustled to get to where I am today.

This leads me to the next question I receive…

Will I Make Money from Blogging When I Take Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy provided me with the tools, information and guidance I needed, but I’m the one who had to take all this knowledge and apply it myself. There’s no easy button.

I hustled hard and thanks to the program, did the following:

  • I learned how to reach out to brands directly for sponsorships
  • Launched a successful freelance business
  • I went from 1,000 page views a month to 200,000+ page views in less than a year, which is a big increase in blog page views.
  • Joined a private ad company
  • Created a line of products, including courses and digital workbooks and resources

If you aren’t ready to hustle and work hard, don’t bother reading the rest of this post.

If you are ready to grow your blog, make more money, and expand your horizons, this course is for you.

What You Will Experience When You Sign Up For Elite Blog Academy

One of the best decisions I made early on was to join Elite Blog Academy when it opened for enrollment.

I was so excited to join!

  • The course schedule lasted for twelve weeks, but I could go at my own pace and had 24/7 access to the material.
  • Forums / Private Facebook group – this is gold. It’s like combining every mastermind group into one resource. You can find a wealth of information in the group alone.
  • The units have videos, worksheets and printables – everyone learns differently and I’m so glad there are different teaching platforms. I also printed everything out into a binder – sometimes I printed things twice because I had so many notes and wanted them to look pretty wanted to keep everything organized.
  • Sense of direction and saving time. Prior to the course, I was spending way too much time trying to figure things out. I didn’t know anything about plug-ins, guest posting, monetizing with ads – basically, I was blogging blindly. I would have saved a lot of time if I just went through the course instead of just trying to do it all on my own.

What Elite Blog Academy Includes

(This post has been updated as of May 2020)

Besides some access to Ruth and the Facebook group, Elite Blog Academy also has quite a few modules and lessons that will teach you what you need to know when it comes to blogging.

Here’s a breakdown of the modules and lessons:

  • Module 1: Refine Your Message
    • Lesson 1: Start with the Fundamentals
    • 2: Conquer Your Content
    • 3: Presentation Is Everything
  • Module 2: Grow Your Traffic
    • Lesson 4: Set the Stage for Growth
    • 5: Grow Your List
    • 6: Rock Your Social Media
  • Module 3: Monetize Your Platform
    • Lesson 7: Show Me the Money
    • 8: Create Your Products
    • 9: Master Sales & Marketing
  • Module 4: Build Your Business
    • Lesson 10: Work Smarter, Not Harder
    • 11: From Blog to Business
    • 12: Lead Your Team

There is also a bonus module that includes lessons like:

  • How to set up a budget for your blog
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Traffic growth
  • Pinterest & Tailwind
  • Growing your email list
  • Social media (like Twitter & Instagram)
  • Working with brands
  • Affiliate marketing
  • & More!

Tips for taking Elite Blog Academy

  • Go in order if it’s your first time taking the course. It’s easy to jump ahead and read the other units. Read them if you want, but the first few units are like building the foundation. You then use the work from those units towards the later units.
  • Try not to jump around in the course because each unit goes in order for a reason!
  • It’s a lot of work! There’s no easy button. You have to carve out some time each week to work on lessons.
  • Take advantage of office hours and the private Facebook community.
  • Find an accountability partner. After you sign up, you will be able to view the class roster, so find another blogger to team up with on assignments. Today, some of the bloggers I worked with initially are now my closest friends, which is awesome! Everyone is super friendly and helpful.

Other Common questions about Elite Blog Academy

Q: What makes Elite Blog Academy different from other blogging courses?

A: EBA goes over so many different aspects of blogging and let’s you really dive in and explore. Elite Blog Academy doesn’t have a preference over one aspect of blogging being better than another.

You will equally learn about writing content, the importance of an email list, various ways you can make money blogging, how to create products, etc.

Because each module is so in-depth, even implementing one lesson will have an impact on your blog. Everyone has different blogging goals, so there’s an excellent chance one module will stand out more than another and get you really excited and fired up about your blog.

For myself personally, I favored the content creation and learning about digital products. I also loved about all the various ways my blog could earn income.

In addition to the course material, there is also a private Facebook group and a student roster.

Q: Is EBA only for new bloggers or can an established blogger benefit from this course?

A: So the great thing about Elite Blog Academy is that most bloggers go through the course at least a second time or when the course gets an update! Once you are enrolled, you have unlimited access to the course. You also receive all new course content for free as well.

This is great because as your blog grows, you are going to end up focusing on different aspects of blogging compared to when you first started.

If you have already been blogging, you will still find different modules helpful for the growth of your blog. With most blogs, there are usually areas that are lagging. It’s hard to excel at everything! I often find that even if I can learn a few nuggets inside a course, this can be huge for my blog.

Q: Will I benefit from the course if I’ve already been blogging for a while?

A. As an EBA alumnus, you’ll continue to have access to the course as well as the Facebook group.

In addition, EBA gets an update to the material each year. Many alumni will actually go back through the course lessons each year and do an audit with their blog.

This can be a great way to review your blog’s content, make changes, etc.

Q: What’s the Elite Blog Academy community like? Is everyone friendly?

A. The EBA community is pretty helpful!

In 2017, I attended the very first conference put on by Ruth Soukup, the creator of Elite Blog Academy. Hundreds of us met up in Portland and I finally got to meet so many online friends in real life!

You can read my review of the conference here.

Q: When Does EBA Open?

EBA only opens once per year, every March. There is plenty of time to get on the waiting list for 2021, and you can do so here.

Reasons why you should sign up for Elite Blog Academy

I think pretty much every blogger will agree that EBA allows you to see the bigger picture and helps you figure out that whatever direction you want to go in with your blog, the course shows you how to go about it.

If you want to:

  • Focus on writing, the course will teach you the importance of guest posting, creating a freebie for download, opt-in ideas for new subscribers, etc.
  • Create a product or start a business, the course will walk you through on how to figure out what your product should be. Since taking this course, I’ve created 3 products!
  • Monetize your blog: EBA will teach you about ads, sponsored posts and working with brands in detail.

So bottom line – was the course worth it? Would I pay for it again? Yes! There’s no way I’d be where I am now without taking the course.

Elite Blog Academy has limited enrollment. The best thing to do is get on the waitlist so you can start learning more about EBA, enrollment periods, and receive all the freebies before the course opens!

You can sign up here!

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Elite Blog Academy is an online blogging course that includes a private Facebook group. I'm sharing over twenty personal tips about how to decide if you should sign up for Elite Blog Academy. You'll learn how to start a blog, make money blogging, work from home and more!
Elite Blog Academy changed my blog for the better! It was the only class I took as a new blogger and it was worth every penny! In 6 months, my blog made over $13,000 from the tips I learned from EBA. If you are debating whether you want to take this course, I'm answering a bunch of questions many people have, as well as the pros and cons of the course, and what I found that really worked for me!
Elite Blog Academy review - how EBA launched my blog. Read my review on why Elite Blog Academy might or might not be the best blogging course for bloggers.

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