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Freelancing Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely

When it comes to freelancing, many people work independently and alone. Switching to a freelancing career, or even being location independent, can be quite the adjustment if you are used to working in an office with coworkers.

There are no right or wrong rules when it comes to working from home. For years, I worked from home but found myself occasionally growing restless. Even though I’m an introvert by nature and loved working from home, I did miss having co-workers to chat with.

Anyone who is freelancing will admit that it gets a little lonely from time to time. I decided the best thing to do for myself was to branch out and stop being alone all day long during the workweek.

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Take a lunch break

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to stay home all day. Take an afternoon break or take a lunch.

If you’re craving some social interaction or simply want to be around people, get out of the house! I would frequently pack my lunch and eat at the park, with a walk afterwards. There were always people around and it was refreshing to not think about work for a little bit.

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Find a new environment

If you find yourself missing your coworkers, grab your bag and head to your local coffee shop to get some work done. A change of scenery can be invigorating and refreshing.

For only the cost of a coffee (don’t be cheap – support your establishment and buy something!) you can basically sit at a table and have free internet for the day.

Although I didn’t have very much direct interaction with anyone in particular, I enjoyed working around other people who were doing the same thing as me.

Join a local meet-up or start your own freelancing group

Because I spent so much time working on my own, I was pretty desperate to have some face to face time. I looked at online groups like meetup and facebook but couldn’t really find a specific group that seemed like a good fit.

Instead I researched other similar-ish type bloggers in my area. I ended up reaching out to a couple bloggers to see if they wanted to grab a bite and talk blogs. It was really fun to brainstorm together as a group, ask each other questions and make new friends!

Attend a workshop or local conference

My local library and college are always hosting events that are free or cost a low fee.

Even a few local retailers in my area provide classes and learning workshops after hours. These are great ways to connect with others who share a similar interest.

If there is a local conference in your area, that would be an opportunity to connect with a large amount of people at once.

Have you made online or IRL (in real life) friends from freelancing?

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