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Gifts for Kids Who Love to Read

Here are a bunch of gift ideas for the kid who loves to read!


Ototo Bookmarks (Amazon)

These fun bookmarks are under $10.

Mark My Time Bookmarks (Amazon)

These bookmarks have timers which are great for kids who have to read a set number of minutes every day for school.

Get to the Point Magnetic Page Bookmarks (Amazon)

These magnetic bookmarks are small so they can be easily stored. Amazon has a number of different color combos!

Book Weight/Bookmark (Amazon)

This book weight doubles as a bookmark and allows books to be read on a table. Great for reading while eating!

Wooden Page Holder (etsy)

This affordable page holder is perfect for the kid who is reading lots of chapter books.


Rechargeable Neck Light (Amazon)

These neck lights are perfect for travel or reading before bed. They are all rechargeable and adjustable (they hold their shape!).

Energizer LED Book Light Clip (Amazon)

This is an inexpensive light that clips on the book. It has a 25 hour battery life and you can easily purchase replacement batteries.

Clip-On Table or Shelf Light (Amazon)

This is an inexpensive clip-on light that can easily attach to a bookshelf, headboard, or a table. It is corded so you don’t have to worry about batteries or keeping it charged up.


Reading Hammock (Amazon)

If you really want to make a reader’s year, get them a reading hammock or swing. Bonus if you can install it inside!

My son has a platform swing/saucer hanging from the beams in his room (similar to this one) and he probably spends 2-3 hours in it every day reading.

The Book Seat – Book Holder and Travel Pillow (Amazon)

This book holder is perfect for reading in bed or while traveling. It has a clear book holder that secures the book in place with a bungy.

Book/Tablet Pillow Holder (Amazon)

This pillow holder is less expensive than The Book Seat brand and does have the tabs to keep the book in place. I do believe that The Book Seat one will hold books with lots of pages in place better.

Bedside Caddy (Amazon)

Amazon has a bunch of bedside book caddy options, but this one is under $10 shipped with Prime and has thousands of great reviews. I like that there’s a place for a book plus other items, like a book light, glasses, and a candy stash.

Backrest Pillow (Target)

Backrest pillows are perfect for the kid who loves to read in bed or in an out-of-the-way corner. Target’s selection are affordable and fun especially for younger readers.

Husband Pillow (Amazon)

These backrest pillows are way pricier than the Target options, but they are larger and will probably hold up better. A great option for an older kid who reads in bed or on the floor a lot.


Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit (Amazon)

This kit includes card catalog checkout cards, bookplates, date stamp and inkpad. This is a great gift for a kid with an extensive book collection that he loans out a lot.

Customized Book Plates (etsy)

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for a child with lots of special books, you can’t go wrong with these 16 plate packs from Preppy Prodigy on etsy.

These bookplates are classy and adorable. She has 38 designs available so I’m certain you’ll be able to find one that matches your child’s personality.

Illustory Create Your Own Book or Comic Book Kits (Amazon)

These Illustory kits are the perfect gift for the reader who would like to start writing. Each kit allows a child to write and illustrate their own full-color, 20-page, professionally printed hardcover book. It includes everything needed, including a postage-paid envelope and order form!

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