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*HOT* Get a FREE FabFitFun box + mini box after cash back

Make $5 purchasing the Winter box from FabFitFun!

I found a way for you to actually MAKE money getting the full-sized Winter FabFitFun box PLUS a mini box!

Pay $49.98 for a FabFitFun box + a mini box today and get $55 cash back from Rakuten in February!

Important: This will only work if you’re new to Rakuten (formerly Ebates) and this is your first purchase from Rakuten.

I love FabFitFun boxes. You get 5-8 FULL SIZED ITEMS in your Winter box — you can gift the entire box or break it up into a bunch of Christmas gifts! I promise you won’t be disappointed, especially since this deal is a moneymaker!

Here’s how to do the deal:

Go to Ebates/Rakuten here and create an account.

This only works if you sign up through my referral link!

Once you’ve created your Rakuten account, search “FabFitFun” and go to the FabFitFun page on Rakuten. It looks like this:

Click on any of the “Shop Now” buttons on the FabFitFun page on Rakuten. It doesn’t matter which one.

IMPORTANT: Some of you are crafty and have disabled cookies on your device. If you’ve done this, you will not get the cash back because your cookies aren’t tracking. If you’re confused by this sentence, you probably are fine.

Rakuten will now take you to the FabFitFun site. You’ll get a pop-up that looks like this for a few seconds:

Once you’re on the FabFitFun site, click the red “Get the Box” button.

Select the “Seasonal” plan (not Annual).

Go through the entire process to sign up and order your first box.

Enter YOURMINI in the Promo Code/Gift Card box.

After you purchase you will customize your Winter box.

You will pay $49.98 for your first FabFitFun box + get a mini box for FREE. 

Once your order your Winter box, you will be signed up to get future boxes once a quarter at $49.99 each. You can cancel your FabFitFun membership at any time including before you get the Spring box without penalty. It’s super easy to cancel — make sure you mark your calendar so you’re able to make a decision in time!

You will get $15 cash back on your FabFitFun purchase PLUS the $40 sign-up bonus credited to your Rakuten account on February 15, 2021.

Yes, you will end up making $5 on this promotion — you just have to wait a few months to get your money back. You should get your Winter box and mini box within a few weeks.

Your cash back will post to your Rakuten account the day after your purchase and the $40 bonus will post within a few days. Don’t freak out if you don’t see it right away. Cash back on purchases made now will pay out on February 15 by check or PayPal. Your cash back must be $5+ to get a check or the amount will roll over until the next pay period.

Please don’t try to get crafty and open multiple Rakuten accounts to get more than one $40 bonus. They will figure it out and shut you down. Just open one account.

Go HERE to create your Rakuten account!

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