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Seven Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Well, I did it. Over the summer, I made the decision it was time to quit my job and handed in my notice.

Ever the good employee, I gave over 90 days’ notice to help finish projects, interview new candidates for my position, and make sure it would be a smooth transition for everyone.

As the clock winds down, this summer has flown by and I can’t believe it’s almost time for me to leave my job!

With one week left at my full-time job, I have a million thoughts running through my head.

I’m feeling the pressure to wrap up jobs, let clients know that they will have a new project manager, and make sure my coworker is up to speed on all my projects.

If you are ready to change jobs or find a new job, here are seven signs it's time to quit your job and find a new one. I'm basically everything on this list!

It’s an incredibly stressful time and I panic thinking about how I will get it all done.

On the opposite end, I am also incredibly relieved this is my last week.

I’ve been struggling to stay focused and am distracted by all the change that is happening in my life.

I’m itching to break free from my daily routine and am ready for a new adventure.

Getting to this point in my career and life wasn’t easy!

Making the decision to leave my full-time job to become a freelancer was tough, but looking back there were definitely signs that it was time to leave my job.

If you want to quit your job, here are seven signs it’s time to find a new job or become your own boss.

Why it’s time to quit your job

You’re burnt out

I love my career, but the work I do at my day job is no longer exciting to me. There’s not as much creativity as I’ve had at previous jobs and it’s become more monotonous. I dread going in and have to remind myself I can get through the workday.

I used to have a sense of excitement when I started working with new clients and gratification when I completed a job, but I haven’t had those feelings in a while.

If you’re constantly filled with dread, it’s time to start thinking about leaving. And if you find yourself losing your passion and having to force yourself to finish simple tasks, it’s time to take a hard and long look at what you want and if your job can offer that to you.

Did you know that job stress can lead to insomnia, frequent headaches and migraines, depression, and even actual thoughts of suicide? Yeah, it’s pretty bleak. And it’s not your fault if those things are affecting you. You can’t always control your working environment. But this is a huge red flag. And it most likely means it’s time to quit your job.

You’re tired of asking for things

When it comes to sick days, vacations, or the occasional personal day, I don’t like having to ask someone else for approval.

I dislike knowing someone else can regulate my life and tell me when I can and can’t do something.

If I want to be able to plan a last-minute trip or need a personal day to take my dog to the vet, I want to be able to do this.

It’s a struggle to go through the proper channels and make sure it’s ok by someone else just to do normal things!

Your job is more stressful than it needs to be

Even though I try to shut down my workday once I leave the office, it’s not uncommon for me to check emails when I am at home.

My work is fast-paced and corporate preaches the “come in early and stay late” work vibe which I despise.

There is no healthy work and life balance to speak of, and I am usually stressed out on my days off.

I want to be able to walk away from a job for a couple of days and not think about work.

Lack of free time

During the workweek, I feel like I’m never home. Working the 9 to 5 job doesn’t really mean I am gone between these hours.

Instead, I give myself 30-45 minutes to get to work because of traffic, and it’s usually the same amount of time to get home.

My eight-hour workday is more like nine to ten hours a day I am away from my home.

While I am fortunate to have a roommate help with taking care of my dogs, they are getting older and I value every precious moment with them.

I have a sense of guilt every time I leave in the morning and wish I had more time with them.

You can’t advance any further Or You’re Overqualified

Personally, there are no more positions above mine, which means I’ve grown as much as possible at my job. The only way to do this is to find a new job, whether it’s through a new company or on my own.

Sometimes, you have to take whatever job you can to pay your bills. Other times, you may need experience or something that gets you to where you want to go. But if you can’t continue to move up, or if your qualifications have made you overqualified for your current position, it is time to quit your job. Being stuck at a position can make you resent what you don’t or make you feel like you’re not worthy of something better when you are. If you feel this way, now is probably the time to find a job that will be more fulfilling.

You’ve reached your salary cap

I make a decent salary and can’t complain about my take-home pay. However, I’m at the top of my ladder. My current position is as far as I can get in my company. Aside from the small salary increase I might receive each year or any bonuses, I am at my salary limit. I don’t want to be capped with my salary and would like to be able to earn more.

There is no sense in wasting time in a position when you can’t grow with the company and have the opportunity to earn more. Instead of staying at a job where you can’t earn anymore (even if you take on more work), find a job that will foster your new goals and abilities. Or, become your own boss and work for yourself in order to make what you want.

You are ready to be your own boss

For months I have thought about taking a leap of faith and working for myself.

I started side hustling and carefully crafting it into a career. With years of experience under my belt, I’m comfortable with many different aspects of starting a business.

I’m also confident enough to know what my weaknesses are and what I would need help with. I’m ready to be in control of my life and call all the shots.

Starting a blog was one of the best things I EVER did for myself. I can’t believe that my blog has grown so much in such a short amount of time.

If you want to earn extra money and possibly turn it into a full-time job, I definitely suggest starting your own blog!

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Looking back, all of these different signs seemed to happen for a reason. They all got me to the point where I am now.

I believe I needed every single one of these actions to happen to me. That way I could make a smart and educated decision to move forward on a different path.

How did you know it was time to quit your job?

Are you contemplating freelancing? Here are 7 signs it's time to quit your job and make it on your own.

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