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Spring Blogging and Financial Goals

When I read My Debt Epiphany’s post about updating her financial goals from the new year and breaking it down per quarter, I thought that was a brilliant idea! Lately I have been focusing on month to month goals, but not creating any mid or long term blogging and financial goals.

There is a lot I want to accomplish in the next several months and it’s a little overwhelming!

I don’t want to overcommit and set myself up for failure if I don’t reach a goal. I also don’t want to sell myself short for fear of failing.

Why you Need Blogging Goals

Blog Goals

Prior to writing this post, I didn’t have any major goals written down that I was trying to achieve. I have basic goals I want to reach each month, but I’m a little passive about end of the month results. I decided it was best to hold myself accountable and write down what I would like to achieve over the next several months.

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I decided to organize my personal and financial goals into two categories. My mid term goals are between now and the next three months. My long term goals are where I want to be six months from now.

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Believe in a Budget Blog 3 Month Goals

  • Get my Alexa rank under 350,000. I am currently at 488,000.
  • Grow my Twitter following to 1000. I am right under 500.
  • Work on creating a newsletter
  • Have a guest blogger on once a month. The interaction and cross promotion with Chonce and Charissa was a lot of fun! 
  • Create at least 2 photos for each blog post that can be shared on Pinterest.
  • Speaking of Pinterest, I want to join more group boards and gain more followers. I currently have a new strategy in place when it comes to pinning and the results are already paying off!

{Resource: 10 Ways Your Blog and Business Can Benefit from Pinterest}

Believe in a Budget Blog 6 Months Goal

  • Increase my page views to 5000 a month.
  • Apply for sponsored posts or join larger affiliate networks, like Shareasale and Cooperatize.

Niche Site 3 Month Goals

  • I want my niche website up and running by the middle of May. I am only about 25% done and need to spend a good chunk of my free time on this website.

Niche Site 6 Month Goals

  • Publish my ebook for my niche site in mid September. I have the outline done as well as some of the chapters, but still have a ways to go. The ebook will coordinate with my niche site really well!

Personal and Financial Goals

Personal 3-6 Month Goals

  • Save $2000 for car repair. Aside from some standard car maintenance, my car will be needing at least 2 new tires. I also have a feeling it will need some sort of operation as the transmission is running a little funny. I literally have no idea how much this costs, but know it won’t be cheap!
  • Put away at least $7500 in savings. I have put paying off my student loan debt on the back burner right now as I am trying to reach this goal.  This is going to be one of my most stressful financial goals to date, as I am on a time crunch. I can’t reveal exactly what this is for just yet, but I should be able to at my next quarterly review!

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Do you have any personal, blogging or financial goals you want to achieve this spring?

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