This airline is promising to pay for COVID-19 medical…

Emirates is the first airline to offer COVID-19 insurance to try to get passengers to travel again.

Emirates, an airline based out of Dubai, has announced it will be the first airline to offer full COVID-19 insurance for all passengers, regardless of what class they fly. The insurance will cover medical, quarantine and funeral costs for any passenger that catches COVID-19 during their travel.

According to the press release, “Emirates customers can travel with confidence, as the airline will cover medical expenses of up to EUR 150,000 and quarantine costs of EUR 100 per day for 14 days, should they be diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel, while they are away from home. This cover is provided by the airline, free of cost to its customers.”

The airline has also put forth stringent standards to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 for passengers while they are en route.

The coverage is immediately in effect for any travel through October 31, 2020.

The hotline number, and details of what COVID-19 related expenses are covered, is available on

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