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Top 7 Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving Dinner

Our top 7 essential kitchen tools for Thanksgiving dinner -- perfect list to make sure you're ready to prepare & serve Thanksgiving this year!

Top Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon! Here are some of my favorite items for cooking during the holiday season.

I have actually never prepared an entire Thanksgiving meal myself. My large family does the meal potluck style, which makes it easier for everyone (not to mention super delicious). I usually volunteer my husband’s skills in making his family’s famous dinner rolls. Then I kick back on the couch and look over the Black Friday ads, feeling quite smart and very thankful.

So some of these items are my recommendations and some come from my mom, who is an excellent cook and gracious hostess. All items are available on Amazon, ready to ship in time for your Thanksgiving preparations! Any of these items would also make great gifts for a cook on your Christmas list.

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Polder Cooking Thermometer/Timer 

I own this exact meat thermometer and love it. My favorite feature is that you can insert the probe into the food and close the oven door. Set the temperature and an alarm rings when it’s done. Perfect for when you’re distracted with pulling the rest of the meal together. I also use my meat thermometer on a weekly basis to check when my No Knead Bread is done.

OXO Good Grips 11-Inch Balloon Whisk

Although my relationship with making gravy is quite explosive (Pun, unfortunately, intended. My advice: Don’t put hot gravy in a closed container and shake vigorously.), I am a big fan of good quality kitchen utensils. I love Good Grips products; this balloon whisk is rated an Amazon best seller with 4.8-star reviews.

Cuisinart Stainless 16-Inch Roaster with Rack

A roasting pan may not get tons of use, but when it is pulled out of the cabinet, it’s usually for important occasions. A heavy pan with sturdy handles and roasting rack are important, especially if it’s carrying a hefty roast or turkey. This Cuisinart roasting pan has the great combination of good reviews and a mid-range price.

Victorinox Swiss Army 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

A sharp knife is often the difference between frustration and success in the kitchen. With this Victorinox Chef’s Knife, you could add a sharp, quality tool to your knife drawer without spending a ton. Typically, good knives are not cheap. With this knife, Victorinox managed to keep the price low and the quality high. I first read about this knife in a review in Cook’s Country magazine, where it beat out knives in the $100-$180 range. On Amazon, this knife has over 5,700 reviews and still maintains a 4.8-star status.

Slate Cheese Board and Knife Set

One of my favorite appetizers to serve around the holidays is a cheese platter. It requires very little effort and will appeal to most of your guests.

Simply choose a few different varieties of cheese (Trader Joe’s and the Grocery Outlet both have great prices on a wide variety of cheeses) and arrange them on a cheese board. Then add whatever combination floats your boat: bunches of grapes or dried fruit, bowls of nuts, a jar of jam, pickles, and/or olives. Add some crackers or sliced bread to finish it off. It is beautiful and delicious. This cheese board would also make a great gift for the foodie in your life.

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OXO Steel Pie Server

It only took me nine years to buy my own pie server. Such a simple, inexpensive tool, but it makes a big difference when slicing and serving a round sweet or savory dish. If you go to the work of making something impressive (or picking it up at Costco), it’s nice when it doesn’t look like a small explosion on your guest’s plates. This pie server is sturdy and attractive, with sharp, serrated edges for cutting. Learn how to make a basic fruit pie from scratch here.

Pyrex Portable Pie Plate

Speaking of pies, this is a brilliant product. I have transported more pies in cardboard boxes lined with towels than I can count. I’m nothing if not classy. Unfortunately, the backseat of our car is testimony that this isn’t the best idea. It has more than its fair share of food stains, as a hard stop + a loose pie is a bad combination. This product includes the 9″ pie plate, as well as the cover with handles. What a great idea for keeping pies, quiches, or any other small food item secure while traveling to your next potluck destination. If you’re looking for a non-traditional pie this Coconut Streusel Peach Pie is amazing.

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