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Why every baker needs a Danish Dough Whisk (great Christmas gift idea!)

I first read about this crazy tool called a Danish Dough Whisk when I started making Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. It seemed like an unnecessary utensil that would just junk up one of my kitchen drawers. Why get a dough whisk when I already own a bunch of wooden spoons that work just fine?

Then my sister bought one for me as a gift. Now it’s the only thing I use when mixing stiffer cookie dough or No-Knead Bread dough by hand.

The three “loops” pass through wet and dry ingredients and mix them super quickly and with way less effort. The whisk itself is made of really sturdy material, so doesn’t bend with stiff dough of any kind. And it’s actually super easy to store because it lays so flat.

The Danish Dough Whisk would make a fun, unique gift for someone who likes to bake! Throw it together with a tea towel and your favorite baking cookbook and you have a great gift. Also perfect for wedding gifts or bridal showers!

Amazon has the amazing Danish Dough Whisk in stock and ready to ship!

Looking for ideas for using the dough whisk?

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